Lightning Fast “40 Yard Dash” Preparation Program

Lightning Fast “40 Yard Dash” Preparation Program

Coach Carlisle - 40 Yard Dash Training

Drop your 40 yard dash time .2 – .4 tenths of a second

If you aspire to play College Football, don’t let running an average 40 block your way of playing at the school of your dreams.

Coaches that say your 40-yard dash time is not important are typically providing a feel-good answer to a player that has just run a below standard 40-yard dash time.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been many great players on the high school, college and professional level that have run below par 40-yard dash times, and have been ballers on the field.

Yet, your 40-yard dash time is still important–take it from a Coach, who has been present in D-1 college football meetings and NFL Draft Prep meetings.  If the 40-yard dash time was irrelevant then why is it run at virtually every on-campus college football camp, high school combines and the NFL Combine? The 40-yard dash time matters. If it didn’t matter, then it would not be recorded and discussed. That’s right.  Athletes are timed with a stopwatch running the 40-yard dash, the results recorded and discussed amongst staff members! Why? Because, at the end of the day, colleges and professional football teams use those numbers as part of their evaluation process.

Lightning Fast has prepared thousands of football players to run a fast 40.

Our approach is geared toward getting you to run your best 40 on the day that counts. We accomplish this by taking you through our 4 step program spanning 8 training sessions over a 4 week period.

Step 1—Speed Assessment, Stance/Start, Breathing Mechanics

Step 2—Stance/Start, Acceleration Mechanics

Step 3-  Stance, Acceleration, Top-End Speed

Step 4-  Putting it All Together

Join now and start running a Lightning Fast 40!

Be the beneficiary of Coach Carlisle’s coaching ‘secret sauce’ to dropping your 40 time anywhere between .1 to.3 of a second in 8 sessions.

This program will complement your school’s strength and conditioning program, not compete with it.

So, enroll now and become Lightning Fast.