Online Personal Training for Parents of Athletic Children (PAC)

Online Personal Training for Parents of Athletic Children (PAC)

Coach Carlisle - Personal Training for Sports Officials

Having a child who plays sports can be equally as tough on the parent as it is on the child. Dealing with coaches, playing time, picking the right travel ball team, knowing what to do when your child gets hurt and handling your child’s emotions when he/she has had a bad game.

Those issues can cause you more stress than work, family and health combined. Coach Carlisle knows, he has been there. Having children that have played sports, the issues literally drove him crazy at times! And as a result, Coach Carlisle had to figure out coping strategies the hard way. That’s why he has developed the PAC program which helps parents navigate their way “peacefully” through the crazy world of sports.

So whether your athlete is just starting out and you are seeking guidance on a long term athletic development plan, or your child just suffered a significant injury (Coach Carlisle’s oldest son did) and you want to ensure that your child is rehabbed in the appropriate way, Coach Carlisle can support you and help you navigate the challenges. Most of all, he would like the opportunity to help you best support your athletic child.

Coach Carlisle is only offering a limited number of weekly time slots which will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you seek peace of mind, enroll now in the PAC program.